Mojo Hand FX Villanova Vibe

Mojo Hand FX Villanova Vibe Guitar Pedal

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The Mojo Hand FX Villanova Vibe raises the bar on the classic Uni Vibe style pedal.

Created around a true pulsating photocell layout, but with modern control and musicality, the Villanova is designed to give you more control and more classic vibe tone, but without all the classic vibe hang-ups.

Built into a standard sized stompbox enclosure, the Villanova has Rate and Depth controls that will take you from a slow and trance like throb, to fast and smooth rotary tones a’ la Stevie Ray through a Leslie. 

Mojo Hand FX also added a Volume, Tone and Mix control to the Villanova to create one of the most versatile vibe pedals on the boutique market today. 

The Volume control allows the Villanova to be used perfectly in any signal chain.  Use it as boost that kicks all that swirly goodness way up in the mix, or back off the volume when stacking pedals together and keep things under control. 

The Tone control gives you fuzz lovers the ability to roll off that nasty high end that is associated with stacking vibe and fuzz together.  Place the Villanova before your fuzz pedal and get that fat and creamy vibe tone or throw it after the fuzz for instant Hendrix!

Just to make sure Mojo Hand covers all the bases, the Villanova is true bypass and has a bright, pulsating LED that works in conjunction with both the Speed and Depth control.

Whether you are looking to create the classic sounds from Hendrix and Trower or create your own unique tone, the Mojo Hand FX Villanova Vibe can do it all and is why it has become an MGF hit!